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Textured Plush Carpet

Beauty and Softness

Event Carpeting

Textured Plush carpet is made of a curling yarn that twists so that when the ends are sheared, the tufts are not as uniform as a regular plush carpet. This creates a different look because it reflects light at slightly different angles, giving the carpet flooring in you're exhibition booth a textured appearance.

Plush carpet has a pile that is lightly twisted and generally has a uniform color through out the carpet flooring. Plush carpet has more tip definition than velvets. They are softer and more level than textures. The actual cut of the pile is such that the appearance of the carpet surface gives the impression of perfectly manicured section of grass. This type of carpet is ideal for event flooring, trade show booths and formal areas, because of its luxurious appearance.

Power Alley 28 oz
Abracadabra 30oz
Ace of Spades 28oz
King Hearts 35 oz
Ace Spades 50 oz
Soft Delight 30 oz
Atherton 30 oz

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Rental with Labor

D.E. McNabb will install your carpet anywhere in the United States under the supervision of our trained professionals. Ask us about this service by phone or the Contact Us page.

Quality Assurance Promise

All of our orders are quality checked by McNabb professionals to ensure that your carpet or floor will be just as you ordered it. We double check the inspections made at the mill so you will not be surprised at the last minute at your event.

The Donald E. McNabb Company works with over 20 mills on a weekly basis. We stock,and have access to, a wide array of styles and textures of carpeting and flooring. Choose from the latest “green” products to old favorites to raised floors to custom logo designs. We offer custom sizing and binding, and can ship and install virtually everywhere.

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