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In 1951, Donald E. McNabb set out to create a company that would provide Detroit's growing automobile industry with carpeting for a relatively new idea called an Auto Show. Donald E. McNabb built long lasting relationships with the Detroit automobile companies by providing quality products with unsurpassed service.

Donald E. McNabb was committed to customer satisfaction and tailored his company to fit the needs of the rapidly changing business of Auto Shows. Today Auto Shows have expanded across the nation and to every corner to the world, unveiling new concepts at what is now the most effective marketing tool in the industry.


The Donald E. McNabb Company is a proud member of the following Associations:


Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Association

Trade Show Exhibitors Association

Exhibit Designers & Producers Association

Auto Shows have definitely changed over the years, but the relationships with the clients and the commitment to quality that Donald E. McNabb founded in 1951 still prevails as the foundation of the business.

The Donald E. McNabb Company has now grown and expanded beyond the Detroit automobile industry to worldwide clients in hundreds of Auto Shows, Trade Shows and special events and has been a proud and founding member of many of the associations active today.

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