Additional Information

Fiber Padding

These pads are used when one wants to limit the movement in a piece of trade show carpet. This fiber pad can be made from jute, or hair mixed with jute, or synthetic fiber, or recycled textile fiber. Most often these fiber pads are used under area rugs, under commercial carpets like convention booths, and under Berber carpets. The key here is density.

Half Inch 1/2" Padding

Half inch 1/2” Padding adds to the look and feel of your convention booth carpet. Selecting the right padding can increase the beauty of your carpet that you have selected for your exhibit.

One Inch 1" Padding

One inch 1” Carpet pads, or carpet cushions, are the foundation for trade show carpets. There are three major types of carpet padding: fiber, rebond, and foam . Thicker pads give softer, luxurious feels in your convention booth. Carpet cushions also have a wide range of insulating R values.

Need a Different Type of Pad?

We have additional styles and weights of pad available. We can help find the right pad for your project.